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Mountain Models Tantrum by David Jones

3DX electric by Tim Hart

Ohio Model Planes Profile Edge GS540

Lanier Edge 540 Arf by Mark Poole

Ohio Ultimate 75" BiPlane by Mark Poole



Pull Pull Rudder Setup

Carbon Fiber Push Rods

CCRCC Daily News Article

Glossary of R/C Terms

Carbon Fiber Push Rods

Painting Small Parts by Darrol Cady

Advice for the Beginner

R/C Aircraft World Records

NiCd Battery Seminar By Mr. Red Scholefield

R/C Plane crosses Atlantic Ocean

Beginners Guide to R/C Flight
Copyright 1997 - 2000 Howard Sullivan
Hardin County Flying Colors, Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA

The Voodoo Magic of Aircraft Setup by Doug Cronkhite

How to Tune a Gas Engine

Covering Models with Fiberglass Cloth

Set Up and Adjust an Idle-Up Mixer for the JR PCM 10SX, SXII and 10X

High Flight...a poem by John Gillespie Magee Jr.

Crystal Coast Club Newspaper Article

New Bern Aeromodelers Newspaper Article



How to detect Mad Cow's Disease
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Burt Rutan's B17 ??

New Air Bus

Speed Trap

 Better Speed Trap

Why Women Live Longer than Men

How do you tell the difference between Liberals, Conservatives and Southerners?

Warning Contagious Disease

Santa Claus on a Boeing

Daffy Definitions

The Early Days of R/C

Hobby Pox....You Might Infected

You Might Be A Modeler if...Author Unknown

Lawn Chair Man (true story)

Signs by Andy Rooney

Twas an R/Cers Christmas...Author Unknown

Truths in Aviation

Pilot Stuff

Airplanes versus Women

Addiction to R/C Check Up Chart

For Better or Lynn Johnston